A Buyer’s Guide To CIJ Printing

A step by step guide to buying a CIJ printer Overview The ability to print product information on to your products or packaging is a must for any established manufacturing company. Furthermore, different EU, US, and other local legislation, mean it is an...

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CI SafeFill- Hot CIJ Printer Feature Part III

Do you have more than one CIJ ink type on site? Perhaps you have some old ink thats out of date? Typically you want to keep your Citronix machine ticking over and maximising up time for your production. ciSafeFill checks ink and make-up expiration and match to printer configuration.

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CI Link – Hot CIJ Printer Feature Part II

ciLink which provides enhanced remote connectivity via IP addressable Ethernet. Printers can be integrated into your network allowing administrators to control a single system or a group of printers (you basically remote desktop in). The ciLink benefits...

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