New 5 Part Tutorial Series – Quick Start-up of Printer

Welcome to our 5 part series of “how to” tutorial videos. This series is designed to help both Citronix owners and non-citronix owners understand tasks. You will see from the videos how easy it is to perform the following tasks: 1. Start up printer. 2....

Case Study – Combined Labelling and CIJ Solution

The customer was interested in a solution that delivered both labelling and batch traceability to their glass bottles. Batch traceability and minimum dates of durability (best before dates) are required under EU labelling laws which food manufacturers must comply with. We had the ideal solution for the Sauce Shop by way of a 2-in-1 solution; a Citronix CIJ printer and an Intrex SET 1101 Cylindrical bottle labeller machine. Because the CIJ printer calls for product movement to pass by the print head, the SET 1101 with its built-in conveyor system provided that handling of the glass bottles. The system allows the client to label and prints up to 60 bottles per minute making it a fast end-of-line packaging machine.

A Buyers Guide to CIJ  – Part 2 Do Your Research

A Buyers Guide to CIJ – Part 2 Do Your Research

For regulatory, and traceability reasons. Typically companies need to print dates of minimum durability (best before dates, expiry dates or use by dates), batch or lot numbering for traceability or 2D bar codes to comply with some sort of global, EU or local legislation or internal requirements.