How to perform a backflush routine

In the event the jet does not start correctly after a printhead cleaning, a backflush routine can be performed to clear partial or complete nozzle blockages.

1. Stop the Jet by pressing the Stop Button

2. Once the printer has completely shut down, locate the [Backflush] button in the Navigation Tool Bar on the main screen.

3. Release the thumbscrew securing the Printhead front cover and slide the cover off.

4. Press the Backflush button. The Printer will create a vacuum from the Nozzle until either the [Cancel] button in the Function Tool Bar, or by pressing the [Back] button in the Navigational Tool Bar, or the 60 second countdown timer has expired.

5. Spray the appropriate Cleaning Solvent into the Nozzle in 10 second intervals. Observe the Cleaning Solvent being vacuumed through the Nozzle

6. After 10 seconds, press the Cancel button in the function Tool Bar to stop the process.

7. In the unlikely event this does not resolve the problem, repeat the process up to 10 times. If the problem persists, contact a maintenance technician.