Why print a code?

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For regulatory, and traceability reasons. Typically companies need to print dates of minimum durability (best before dates, expiry dates or use by dates), batch or lot numbering for traceability or 2D bar codes to comply with some sort of global, EU or local legislation or internal requirements. Check with your local government agency or safety board to find out your markets’ and international labelling legislation and directives. This will tell you a minimum of what you need to print. Contact your local GS1 organisation (Global Standards  it’s a great place to start.

Why CIJ?

Because it is continuously variable, it prints onto non flat surfaces, cheap because no label is required and can print directly onto the product, and its fast. It’s important to note that CIJ printing can be used for both primary packaging (lowest level of packaging) right up to outer case coding (outer packs and cases). The printhead can be positioned anywhere 360 degrees around your product. So you can print on the side, top and even bottom of your packaging or product. One of the most important features you need to consider is the print head nozzle size. The print head is a vital part of the system and is available in a number of ink drop or nozzle sizes depending on the size of print you need (45, 50, 60 and 75 micron). Smallest to largest. We recommend a 45-50 nozzle size for very small codes and 2D barcodes. This is commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging.

Over the next few weeks, we will be submitting a blog on the main points to consider before you purchase a CIJ printer. This is part 1 of 10. To download the full guide click the download button below.

A Buyers Guide to CIJ Printing Instant Access