So you need to print some codes on to your product, packaging or both. There are a couple of places to start doing some research and finding out which CIJ printer is right for your production needs. You can do your research online through search engines like Google or Bing, video platforms like Youtube have plenty of application videos specifically for your industry and from word of mouth, or perhaps you know someone that owns one. Word of mouth is also great indicator of printer performance and reliability.

This step in your journey is to develop your coding or printing requirements; How many characters, lines and images / 2D bar codes you require? Most CIJ printers can print from 1 to 5 lines of text with little restriction on the message size in length. Other considerations include speed of print (Our max is up to 9.8m/sec), IP rating of the printer cabinet / print head (IP55-65) and connectivity but we cover these in our blog post.

Over the next few weeks we will be submitting a blog post on the main points to consider before you purchase a CIJ printer. This is part 2 of 10. To download the full guide click the download button below.

A Buyers Guide to CIJ Printing