Maximum productivity can only be achieved if operators are given the correct training and housekeeping advice. This is something Citronix offer in abundance, not only will you be shown how to operate the Citronix CIJ Printer, but you will be given as much in depth and advanced training as your operators feel comfortable with. The more self sufficient you can become, the greater productivity you will achieve.
At a very minimum your operators should be in a position to create messages, run general diagnostics, clean the print head, change consumables and troubleshoot basic problems they may encounter over the life time of your printer. Citronix uses a very easy to navigate user interface which is familiar as a smartphone phone or tablet operating system.
Lastly, you should only use genuine ink, make up, cleaning solvent, filters and spares. The genuine products have been developed for your particular printer. Failure to do so will cause serious reduction in mean time before failures of your machine not to mention extra costs in unplanned servicing.

Over the next few weeks we will be submitting a blog post on the main points to consider before you purchase a CIJ printer. This is part 9 of 10. To download the full guide click the download button below.

A Buyers Guide to CIJ Printing