Sliced Pan with Product information

The bakery sector is one of the longest established sectors in the Food industry. In recent years, we have seen a major shift in the number of and types of prepared bakery products on our supermarket shelves. This has made the traceability of products a much harder task for every level in the supply chain.

Once upon a time, a simple date code and a batch number were sufficient to provide traceability from bakery to shop floor. However, no longer is that the case. Today, the major retailers and supermarkets are demanding more information to be printed on to bakery products. Information such as the following: shift codes, manufacturing line codes, Julian dates and manufacturing times, locations, storage information, supplier numbers and recipe numbers, are all becoming more apparent.

Using CIJ Printing, we can provide bakeries with the capabilities of direct printing of all this product information directly on to the packaging. The cost is another factor in the shift to direct printing on to products. The cost per print is significantly lower and faster by printing directly on to the packaging as seen above. This will effectively remove the need for neckties and small unsecure labels than can fall off during transportation or when freezing.

Furthermore, by using the Citronix 5000 series easy to use interface, operators can utilize pre-programmed clocks, counters and other presets, meaning manufacturers could reduce their coding errors by 100%.

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