A step by step guide to buying a CIJ printer

Citronix CIJ Range of CIJ inkjet printers


The ability to print product information on to your products or packaging is a must for any established manufacturing company. Furthermore, different EU, US, and other local legislation, mean it is an issue of legal compliance for most sectors to print minimum dates of duration (best before/ use by dates/ expiry dates) and batch traceability (batch no. /lot code). CIJ printing (Continuous Inkjet Printing) is the most flexible and one of the most cost-effective of all the industrial printing technologies available today. With this in mind, we have gathered the best information from our key employees, most of whom have significant experience within the coding and marking industry, and compiled a step by step guide to buying CIJ printing technology.

With this guide, you will gain fundamental insights that will help you realise the optimum coding solution for your production. Even if you have a CIJ printer already, this guide will help you get the most of it in terms of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). This free pdf guide is available to download by providing your email below.


Contents of the guide:

  • Start with why
  • Do your research
  • What type of ink do you need?
  • What is product handling?
  • What accessories do you require?
  • How to pay for your CIJ Printer
  • Printer installation
  • The total cost of ownership
  • How to keep the printer running at
    maximum prodictivity
  • Who to talk to


Citronix PDF Guide to CIJ Printing

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