ciSafeFill is a fast, simple way to optimize performance, increase uptime and printer life by ensuring fluid-printer compatibility.

Do you have more than one CIJ ink type on site? Perhaps you have some old ink thats out of date? Typically you want to keep your Citronix machine ticking over and maximising up time for your production. ciSafeFill checks ink and make-up expiration and match to printer configuration. It also checks the authenticity of fluids presented to the printer. It utilities an unique RFID label containing the Ink Quality Codes (IQC) to communicate with the printer in order to check the validity of the fluids presented.

Checks include:

  • Fluid Type matches printer configuration
  • Expiry Dates
  • Authenticity

The touchscreen Citronix user interface prompts operators to follow a simple wizards in order to complete the procedure each time fluids need replenishing.

In the long run, the simple and fast procedure will save you time and money on repairs, spare parts and unnecessary additional service work.


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