Today we discuss what this hot feature from our CI5000 CIJ range means and how it can save you money.

PixelPlus is a unique feature only available in the Citronix ciSeries range of CIJ printers. Intelligent control of pixels through the Citronix software allows users to print small and large bold characters with the same printer. Without needing to change nozzles, users can select either Normal or Macro to print the equivalent of 60, or 75 micron drops at print heights between 0.06″ (1.5mm) – 0.50″ (12mm). One printer can therefore do the job of two printers.

With other CIJ printers on the market to do this would mean that you would have to purchase a new machine that is pre configured to a particular nozzle size. We think this is a great feature especially if you want to print both small and large packaging or products on the same line.

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The CI5000 Range Video