See how easy it is to execute a print sample with the ci5000 CIJ printer. For this tutorial we have used two pre-programmed fields date dd/mm/yy +1 year and batch code with counter starting at 0.

The ci5000 series full print cabailities include: alpha numerics, logos, graphics, and variety of liner 2D Datamatrix and QR codes; multiple languages; bold; upper and lower case; reverse and inverted printing; rotated character (tower) printing; variable character height and width; sequential nummbering; forward and backward counting; continuous print capabiltity.

Feature focus:

CiPrecisionPlus – optimized speed and print quality settings via smooth step control for accurate drop placement 

High speed printing of up to 9.8m/s – even faster with Micro (10.3m/s) and HS50 (10.6m/s)

Citronix Range of Inks

Citronix offers a wide range of MEK, Acetone and Ethanol based inks, make up and cleaning solvents specially developed for use with the Citronix ciSeries range of printers. Citronix inks offer excellent adhesion characteristics on a variety of different substrates with immediate or quick dry inks to suit most applications.

Citronix inks and make up are supplied in 750ml bottles and should only be used with Citronix printers to ensure reliability, superior print quality and excellent performance.