Nobody wants to lose an entire memory store of messages and print parameters for their production line. Not having a back-up of the memory will lead to unwanted downtime and perhaps an unscheduled visit from our technical service team. In the unlikely event of a CPU board failure, the ci5000 range of CIJ printers from Citronix has a feature that will allow the operator to create a back-up file of the entire memory and store it on the internal SD card within the CPU. You can also use a USB stick externally to do the same function.

Another benefit of this back-up and restore function is that it will enable the operator to create a clone of the original printer and transfer it to another printer(s) on a different production line or site using an external USB stick. This means that all the saved messages, settings and production set-up parameters can be easily copied from one machine to the other.

The USB stick can also be used to the upgrade system firmware version. However, the owner doesnt need to worry about this because our service technicans will do this for you as part of their standard maintenance on a machine. Talk to us today about making the most out of your Citronix ci range of printers.