Moba Egg Coding Integration Solution

Integrated Egg Coding


The Ci5500 Moba Egg Coder is the latest inkjet system for egg coding within a Moba 2500, Omnia XF, FT and PX. The system is fully integrated into the Moba user interface and therefore allows you to control the entire printing system via your Moba.

The Ci5500 inkjet forms the technological basis for this system. It is one of the most modern inkjet systems in the market. It allows you to print texts as well as logos in an extremely high quality onto your eggs and therefore increase the overall quality perception of your product. Beyond that it has very low running costs and is extremely reliable. The reliability is supported by the unique 30 month warranty.

Key features

  • 30 month warranty
  • Special, certified food grade inks in red and blue
  • Moba cerification
  • Legibile texts and barcodes
  • Protection class
  • IP55 Moba cerification
  • Full integration into moba interface
  • Full network capability

ci5500 series printer

CI5500 series – Advanced high performance printer with all the capabilities of ci5300 plus advanced connectivity features such as ciLink and capability to print up to 5 lines of text, graphics and bar codes at high speeds.




Moba connector


Plug and play with the easy to use connector for Moba Omnia Machines. Printing up to 3 lines of text with the moba at full speed.

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