For Semi-Automated Date and Batch Coding.

Mobility, flexibility, and efficiency are three of the top attributes manufacturing professionals look for when they are evaluating new equipment for their plant. The Mobile Print Station was designed with all of these three factors in mind.

Mobility: The station is a fully mobile conveyor with lockable castors so you can move it anywhere within your production areas.

Flexibility: The station can be used either as a stand-alone offline print station or form part of a larger system, this can be done easily just by adding the station to adjoining conveyors or adding a holding table / Lazy Susan to form a complete end of line packaging process.

Efficiency: Enables operators to print codes on to almost any packaging type from beverage cans, to jars, cartons, and even flexible pouches (once filled) at a maximum speed of 25m/min.

This is a great value-for-money solution to suit all budgets and has a place in any production facility (big or small).


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